Croatian flag- Made in Croatia

construct.gif (3585 bytes) - Under reconstruction

BPSs.gif (1525 bytes)APC2 - First Croatian Analythical Stereocomparator

Here should be more descriptions about this instrument.
At this moment, I've left here some pictures about this stereocomparator.

apc14s.jpg (1327 bytes) Front view: apc14.jpg (26765 bytes)
apc07s.jpg (1175 bytes) Stepper motors with their driver: apc07.jpg (31426 bytes)
apc09s.jpg (1116 bytes) Back view: apc09.jpg (20575 bytes)
apc12s.jpg (1124 bytes) Screen display during restitution (BPSCAD): apc12.jpg (17289 bytes)
apc17s.jpg (1234 bytes) Another front view: apc17.jpg (21406 bytes)
apc19s.jpg (1168 bytes) Screen details of terrain, editing label: apc19.jpg (36982 bytes)
apc20s.jpg (1015 bytes) The stepper driver, another view: apc20.jpg (14023 bytes)